Selling your Mortgage Note?

Real Estate Note Holder Information

If you are receiving payments on a Seller Financed Real Estate Note, Benchmark will purchase:

•First Mortgages, Deeds of Trust or Contracts

•Wraparound Mortgages, Notes, Contracts or Deed of Trust

•Notes secured by residential or commercial real estate including vacant land and mobile home notes (with land).


We can purchase all of the payments, or just part of the payments (which gives you to receive an immediate lump sum of cash NOW, as well as payments later.)  Depending on the size of your Note, we can even pay cash for a portion of each monthly payment.

There are differences in the types of seller financed contracts--maybe you'd like to identify which is most commonly used in your state. 

Examples are listed under the heading in this web site "Mortgage Documentation in the 50 States" 

1) If you have carried back a Trust Indenture, Deed to Secure Debt, Deed of Trust or a Mortgage, then the actual title to the Real Estate in the form of a General Warranty Deed is conveyed to the buyer (meaning that they actually OWN THE PROPERTY) and you have carried back part of the purchase price as a "LIEN" against the property. This means that the buyer has title but subject to the lien you have against the property. This is commonly called "lien theory."

2) If you have carried some of the purchase price under a Contract for Deed; Land Contract; Real Estate Contract, then YOU retain the "fee" ownership to the real estate and the buyer has "equitable" interest until such time as the buyer completes paying for the property under the terms of the contract and then you, the seller conveys the real estate under (most common) a General Warranty Deed. This is commonly called "title theory." In some Deed of Trust states, the trustee holds "superior title" to the property buyer until the loan is repaid. When used this way, it is also "title theory."


To obtain a no obligation analysis of your real estate note or to begin the process of selling your payments, simply get out your documents and contact us.

Your note may be in the form of a:  Contract for Deed; Deed of Trust; Real Estate Contract; Land Contract; Mortgage; Deed to Secure Debt; Indenture, depending on the state the property is located in.   We are experienced purchasers in all states, so you can sell any of these instruments to us. 


You may use Email, Fax or Call Toll Free:

Call - 1-321-241-4360
Fax - 1-866-722-0038


•We can usually give you a preliminary price range immediately or let you know what additional info is needed.

•We will want to review your documents and we can then give you a firm price – in writing - without any obligation on your part.

•Once you accept the quote and are under contract, you will receive your cash as soon as the value of the real estate is verified, title insurance is issued and documents can be prepared. We usually close within 15 business days.

•Generally, we will incur all closing costs associated with the note purchase.

You may rest assured, the borrower (party making the payments) experiences no change in the way the mortgage instrument. The only change for your payor is that they will send the same mortgage monthly payment to a different address.

Because we use our own investment funds, we can offer to you the maximum cash out on the sale of your mortgage or annuity.

Primary factors affecting the value of your note are:

  • The credit rating and credit history of the payor
  • Timely payment history on the loan by the payor
  • The appraised value of the property relative to the unpaid balance
  • The condition and type of property securing the loan
  • The mortgage interest rate and terms

Call - 1-321-241-4360
Fax - 1-866-722-0038

1-321-241-4360 (Lauren)
1-941-921-6450 (Rich)
Fax: 1-866-722-0038